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Only 3 of these simple methods can reduce your monthly cost by up to 25%.

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How Would You Like to Know All the Important Steps to …
Power Your Home With Unlimited Free Renewable Solar Energy …  Designed to Empower You on the Path to Energy Independence

Learn What You Need to be Confident You Are Making the Right Choices … to Use Solar Electric and Solar Heat to Power Your Home … to Fine Tune Your Home’s Energy Efficiency …  to Ensure A Better Ecological Future


Douglas J Bailey

Every day we see reports of global warming, toxic waste from industry and home, species going into extinction due to climate change and habitat elimination. We see air and water pollution from autos and industry using fossil fuels and well … simply put, an over use of energy by us all.

Not only can we no longer walk this path of over use of our resources, but our only sensible course of action is to become more energy efficient and to convert to the use of renewable energy sources such as the sun.

By learning and then taking practical action, we will become a positive influence on the future of the world and reduce the pollution and degradation of our ecosystem.

When I look for steps to take, I look for practical and real results that can be applied by everyone.  We have done what we thought was best up to the current time.  Now, when looking for a new explanation of what is best for the future of our ecosystem, we are beginning to see new opportunities.

I search for what is practical and what I can do now, here in my home, with the resources I have.

We see the smog over casting a city such as Los Angeles.  We smell the odor from industrial plants or a heavy trafficked day driving to work.  We experience electrical brown outs or rolling black outs due to energy shortage.

These are the results of fossil fuel mismanagement, over consumption and passing the cost of our energy use on to following generations.  We pass this cost on by not effectively using energy and by not cleaning up today the waste we create today.

We experience the electric bill and gasoline bill increasing yearly.  And we pretty much know why.  Not only has the cost of energy risen, but we are ready for a greater increase over the next several years.  As our economy recovers in 2009 the price of energy will rise again from only a temporary decrease due to our current economic recession.

The large world population increase and the development of third world nations into industrialized societies drive this scenario.  These newly developed countries and population will very significantly compete for the limited fossil fuels that the planet can provide.  And we don’t even need to comment on the instability of the middle-east oil producing countries.  Do we?

However, there is a way to personally and directly make a difference, right in your own home.

When I first began the study of biology and during my junior year in college I took a seminar where we chose our own topics of study in Biology. My first choice led me to Rachael Carson’s Silent Spring.   In this book was one of the earliest reports of how a pesticide DDT was passed through the food web in nature and accumulated more at each step through the food web.

The result was that various species of birds were heading towards extinction as they were at the top of the food web.  The book revealed that DDT was accumulating in aquatic birds (birds that lived almost their complete life at sea) that had no obvious or direct relationship with land where the pesticide had been sprayed.

This DDT had passed from fresh water into the ocean, into the plankton, to smaller fish and then to larger fish which were the food for the aquatic birds. Then the pesticide accumulated in the birds’ reproductive organs such that their egg shells became so thin that they broke. Therefore, the offspring did not survive.  It did not take long until the species was on the verge of extinction.

This study was the beginning of my interest in ecology and the study of nature leading to a Master of Science in Biology with specialization in Ecology.  I developed a philosophy that suggests we take simple steps and work towards a greater ecological future.

I am like any other typical person in our society, watching my family grow, living in a nice home, driving a less than energy efficient car, working day by day in a good job and striving to stay healthy.  Still, the house where I now live can use energy efficiency improvements.  There are more steps to take to lessen my carbon footprint.

You see, we all can improve, no matter what our current situation.  Step by step, little by little, I make choices to follow the path of ecological awareness and improve the future.

I have watched my son grow and be impacted by the environment around him.  I wonder how possible pollutants might impact his health right now.  I wonder what heavy metals are in the paints in the schools and on the boats where he has stayed so often.

The energy we use in our homes comes from the power company’s power grid and infrastructure.  Most energy is provided by centralized fossil fuel (oil, gas and coal) burning power plants as well as nuclear fossil fuel.  It is important to know the level of CO2 and other pollutants that are created to provide the energy we use at our homes.

As the years have passed I have looked for ways to contribute to improving the environment we live in.  What I have determined is that we must all work as individuals, right in our own homes, to take those necessary actions that will have a positive influence on our future.

We have acted as if we are invulnerable to the ways of nature or at least separate from its laws.  However, we are integrated into the web of life as any other species.  We release tremendous volumes of CO2 and other gases and pollutants into the air and into the waters in our daily activities.  These waste products do accumulate and over time and impact our ecosystem.

Our earth ecosystem is pretty vast.  It has a great buffering capacity for pollution, but it is responsive to changes in pollutants that we release. Unfortunately, we now face a time when our wastes have accumulated so much they are impacting the earth’s ecosystem.  We are exceeding the earth ecosystem’s buffering capacity.

Through our actions as individuals at home and in our daily choices we will see a significant change in our country’s and the world’s strategy towards energy use and environmental responsibility.

I can understand how you feel as you try to find a realistic solution to use renewable sources such as solar energy. It sounds great in theory, but you are asking if it is right for you and how much will it cost.  You wonder what it will look like on your roof or in your yard and whether it will blend in with the design of your residence.

I share your concern about which steps you will need to go through to get a solar system. You are concerned if your home or roof is suitable for this type of technology. You may have worked for years to develop the landscape of your home and need to know what you will need to do.

These all are important items that I will share with you. You will need to decide who to contact to evaluate or install the solar system.  You will want to have the information in hand that you really need to know, so you are assured that you get a well designed, long lasting system installed that meets your energy needs.

Because we face similar situations in transitioning to energy derived from solar power, I know you are looking to:

  • Know the practical steps to take to make your home solar powered. Whether you are building a home or retrofitting your existing house, be confident that you are covering all your bases and spending your precious time effectively.
  • Recognize the advantages of using solar power and renewable energy for our homes and be confident you are making the wise and intelligent investment for your home and the environment.
  • Understand how electricity is produced from solar power and its history so you can be assured that the techniques recommended are tested and true.
  • Review solar house design components to understand how they work and which parts are useful for you to apply to your home.  You will feel thrilled to know that you understand all the components that can go into an ideal solar home and which of these you can choose for your own home.
  • Choose whether you will Purchase or Rent a solar system installation, what it may cost and where to find financial support for your investment.  Feel confident and informed you are following the best financial choice for the short and long term. 
  • See what a solar implementation looks like and find answers to those pressing questions about appearance, longevity of the installation and what it really provides.  You will be comfortable in knowing how your system will appear after it is installed. 
  • Consider the options to start small. You’ll find out about cool solar powered gifts for you and others such as independent standing solar power items for around the home, garden and office.  We can all participate and take the time necessary to become comfortable with this great technology. 
  • Grasp the new developments in the solar power industry and consider the solar future. You will be in the know, and up to date in solar technology.
  • Find out what to do next, as I will provide resource listings with good reading and web sites for solar information, financial institutions, and useful products.  Become a knowledgeable leader through using these resources to further your progress.

Each one of these steps is critical to gaining a workable understanding of the options available to you, and how they can guide you to “Make Your Home Solar Powered” successfully.

Know the Practical Steps to Take to Make Your Home Solar Powered!

  • Learn the 10 steps to” Make Your Home Solar Powered”.
  • Be confident your decisions are based on quality information
  • Find the best solar contractors: Know what to ask and what to look for
  • Determine what system is right for your home
  • Gain the knowledge you need to be confident in your decisions.
  • Eliminate the hassles and Stress of months of research

Recognize the Advantages of Using Solar Power!

  • Add a pollution free energy generating system for your home based on the unlimited energy of the sun!
  • Save the Planet! Reduce CO2 and SO2 Production.
  • Become disaster resistant with off grid back-up power (no need for a generator)
  • Effectively Eliminate or Reduce your electric bill! Get your energy for free like it was meant to be
  • Help eliminate our dependence on foreign oil

Understand how Electricity is Produced from Solar Power and its History

  • Learn about ingenious solar designs used in the past
  • Learn how we got where we are today and who was involved
  • Discover how solar energy works

Gain Understanding of the Components of a Solar Powered Home

  • Discover passive forms of solar power
  • Learn how to work with the environment and not against it
  • Learn how a home can be both enjoyable and responsible
  • Who are the best authors to read for this info

Choose whether you will Purchase or Rent a Solar System Installation

  • Learn how to finance your home solar power system
  • What system saves the most money and fits for your budget
  • Hear both sides of the argument to see what is right for you
  • Learn about the money-saving incentives and tax breaks!

See what a Solar Implementation Looks like and Find Answers to those Pressing Questions about Appearance

  • Do you have a question about solar energy? You’ll find the answer here!
  • Get the right information to make the correct decision about choosing renewable energy
  • Impress your friends with your knowledge of how this technology works!

Consider the Options to Start Small

  • Solar can be fun too!
  • You’ll be amazed how good you feel just by making these small changes.
  • Say “Good Bye” to power from fossil fuels – say “Hello” to Solar!

Grasp the New Developments in the Solar Power Industry

  • Be on the cutting edge of new technology, and know where solar is going!
  • Stay one step ahead of your neighbor. Become an environmental role model for your block!
  • Learn TODAY about the technology that will save our world tomorrow!

Discover What to do Next, as I will Provide Resource Listings with Good Reading and Web Sites

  • Keep expanding your knowledge about alternative energies and energy saving devices!
  • No matter what the question, these sources will provide your answer.
  • Stay up to date with the current trends in renewable energy!

The Positive Impact of Your Solar Powered Home … Reduces Pollution Equivalent to Removing 24 Automobiles from the road.

With all these amazing features found in “Make Your Home Solar Powered”, you may want to know what it will cost you if you do NOT take action.

If your home uses 1000 kilowatt hours of electricity each month, every day you do not implement these practical techniques, is like having 24 automobiles driving around your home for 24 hours each day, passing pollution into the air.  Imagine, your tank style water heater is like having an idling car in your basement, burning fuel all the time.

Through studying the eBook and taking its advice, you’ll save thousands of dollars. You’ll now have information based on the real experience of professionals and pioneers who have been in the field for many years.  You’ll save weeks and months by knowing the right steps to take.  You’ll know what type of system will give you the biggest return on investment.

So skip the frustration of doing it all yourself and find out what to do today … all of this for the price of only $17.00.

I know when you get this eBook; you will see how easy it can be to solar power your home.  You’ll know the steps to take, questions to ask and you will realize the value of “Make Your Home Solar Powered” is worth hundreds of dollars more.

“A Home Energy Audit”
VALUE: $59.99 FREE

This report shows in great detail the steps taken to complete an energy evaluation of my home with infra-red and color images.

The study reveals the recommendations to solve the energy loss and can be a superior guide to discover what you can expect to see and steps necessary to resolve these energy challenges.

It can cost 300 to 500 dollars for a complete energy evaluation of your home with recommendations for correction.  Know what to expect from an expert evaluation.

My Personal 100% Titanium-Clad, Money Back Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


I would like you to be confident about my eBook as I am.  And to assure you to overcome any hesitation whatsoever, I will make this completely foolproof.

Please take up to 180 days to read and digest the information within “Make Your Home Solar Powered”.   You have it, not 30 days or 90 days, but a full 180 days (6 months) to digest, evaluate, compare and implement the ideas and suggestions on your own home.  Immediately implement high value energy efficiency Tips and during this time, watch your energy bill Shrink and your carbon footprint Shrivel.

After you have read this eBook, if you are not satisfied for any reason, if it does not meet your needs, don’t worry about at thing.

Just let me know, and I’ll refund your entire payment.  That is correct, right up to last day of the 180 day guarantee.

And you know what?  You will NOT even consider a refund.  Because once you have applied some of the practical energy saving tips to your home, you’ll be jumping for joy over how you already have contributed to a positive ecological future of our planet, to your children’s future health and happiness and to a shrinking energy bill for yourself!

You will feel great about the real practical workable steps you can take to “Make Your Home Solar Powered”. You will know without a doubt that you have the information that will ensure you make the most knowledgeable decisions with confidence on the type of solar energy installation for your home.

And you can keep the Bonus Document And Opt In Report, a value totaling over $100.

“Make Your Home Solar Powered”
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Doug, Send me the eBook “Make Your Home Solar Powered”!  I want to begin immediately taking the steps to Make My Home Solar Powered and more energy efficient.

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  • I will receive my eBook “Make Your Home Solar Powered” immediately!
  • My investment is just $17 for full access to the eBook.  I will be notified of new additions to the eBook and can access the updated eBook in the future for free.
  • My Order is 100% Guaranteed.  And if I am not satisfied within 180 days of receiving the eBook on how to make my home solar powered, I can ask for a full refund.

Click below to Purchase the “Make Your Home Solar Powered” eBook on our secure server.

Douglas J. Bailey
Master of Science in Biology

PS.  Don’t wait for our government or industry to pave the road as it moves at a sloth like pace.  Take the initiative to move the consciousness and energy strategy of yourself and the world to the arena of Renewable and Clean Energy Production. And do it right where it counts the most, from your very own home.

“Make Your Home Solar Powered”
Restore Our Ecosystem, LLC.
Douglas J Bailey


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